Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4.5

You’re giving me the better team, at home, with the better quarterback who’ll be more motivated going from last week’s results? Tampa comes into this game getting absolutely embarrassed by Arizona and will be more than up for the challenge.

The LA Rams have 1 win in their last 8 road games. What’s that I hear you say? The Rams just beat Seattle? The Rams always lift their game for Seattle. They also come tumbling down to earth the week after as well.

LA will have to cross 3 time zones to get to Tampa for game day. The Bucs are a more complete team and should play like that on Monday morning.
Tampa Bay -4.5 - 1pt @ 1.91

Buffalo Bills +3.5

If blindly choosing the favourite in every game were profitable, Sportsbet & co would be out of business.

The NFL is a sport built on motivation, spots, and match ups. Buffalo just sacked their offensive coordinator and teams who have a sacking usually lift for their next game. On top of that, Arizona now wont know what schemes the Bills will be running because the offence is going to change.

Buffalo knows their season is over if they lose this one, whereas Arizona are sitting fat and happy after that blowout win over the Bucs last week.

Buffalo have won 5 of their last 6 games played against the Cardinals.

Like the Rams, the Cardinals travelling all the way east for an early kick off is going to mess with their body clocks.
Bills +3.5 - 1pt @ 1.92

Cincinnati Bengals -3.5

Cincinnati is just as good as Denver in my eyes. Now give me a Broncos quarterback in his first road game and Cincinnati coming off a loss to their rivals Pittsburgh motivating them even further.

I have to take the Bengals. The Bengals come into this game going 4/5 against the line after a loss.

Denver has lost key pass rusher Demarcus Ware, which will be a blow to their defence.

I look for a low scoring game with Siemian being the culprit of a couple of turnovers. He’s only thrown 1 touchdown to 3 interceptions so far.
Bengals -3.5 - 1pt @ 1.98

Oakland Raiders -1

Oakland is not getting much respect here at all. Nothing changes the fact that Tennessee are 3/23 wins at home in their last 26.

The Titans have lost against the line in all of their last 7 games after a game they covered the line. With Oakland averaging 470 yards per game I look for a big game from them Raiders take the -1.
Oakland Raiders -1 - 1pt @ 1.87

Atlanta Falcons +3

Points are a good thing to have in any NFL game. With the underdog in the Saints v Falcons series going 11/14 against the line I like this play a lot.

The Saints are susceptible to good passing quarterbacks. I’m not the biggest Matt Ryan fan but I see him and Julio Jones having an absolute field day on the Saints defence.

This game should be close, so having an extra 3 points in a game that can go either way is definitely the play you should prefer.
Falcons +3 - 1pt @ 1.77