Betstar Bonus Bets & Review

Originally founded in 2007 by Michael and Alan Eskander, Betstar has served a number of high profile Aussies in its time, including business mogul, Kerry Packer. However, a downswing forced by a global economic downturn caused Betstar's bosses to consolidate their assets and accept a takeover bid from leading UK bookmaker, Ladbrokes.

Since this takeover in 2013, Betstar has gone from strength-to-strength and now offers a raft of impressive software innovations and big money bonuses. Although Betstar AU doesn't contain as many bells and whistles in comparison to some sites, the overall interface is crisp and clean which means betting is simple and, therefore, lucrative.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Betstar Sports

Although Betstar may not be the prettiest package in the Aussie sports betting world, there's no doubt that it's a site with an impressive array of moneymaking features. Anyone that's ever anted up in the online sports betting arena will know that speed and efficiency are the keys to making money and Betstar is perfectly set up to meet these needs and give you the best chance to make some serious money.

The Interface

Unlike some Aussie online bookmakers, Betstar doesn't cram a slew of ads or unnecessary graphics into its interface. This gives the whole site a much cleaner, less cluttered vibe than its rivals. In fact, the designers appear to have consciously scaled back the interface and made it much easier for punters of all persuasions to find what they're looking for with the least amount of effort.

Top Bar: Aiding this "easy-to-navigate" vibe is the main navigation bar. Split into six main sections, this bar ensures that each betting category is kept in its own neatly managed page. Racing is given top billing on the betting bar before "sports" and "novelty" betting options are offered in subsequent tabs. Beyond these options you'll find a promotions page and access to game guides and gaming assistance; however, it's the first three tabs that contain the main betting action.

Having the site structured in this way is great because it means the developers have been able to squeeze more options into a single section. Some online bookies in Australia opt to amalgamate racing, sports and any other bets into a single page. Although this may seem appealing in the first instance - namely because you don't have to click around too much to find the bets you want - it actually makes the site less accessible for novice punters.

Fortunately, Betstar has resisted this temptation and segmented its main betting options into their own pages. This means that once you've clicked on your desired option, you'll know that every option listed on the page (from the odds and results to the promotions and offers) are tailored specifically to that sport.

Left Sidebar: After casting your eyes over the top toolbar, your eyes are then drawn to the left-hand side of the page. Here you'll find all the latest live betting options, the next events to take place (there's even a countdown timer in the racing section), future betting markets and all the latest bonuses and promotions.

In a nutshell, the left side of the screen is your quick link into the specifics of each sport. For example, if you found a harness race that piqued your interest, you'd make the move to click on it and then watch as the centre console transforms into a myriad of stats, results and betting options.

Centre Console: So, to recap, your Betstar betting journey starts at the top of the page, then moves to the left and now you're in the centre. Once your eyes are focused on the middle of the page you'll find a comprehensive overview of all the latest in-play betting markets and future markets broken down by sport, nationality, TV coverage and more.

Basically, if there's an event taking place somewhere in the world then Betstar will have it listed in the centre of its betting page. To place a bet you can either select one of the highlighted markets or hit one of the "view all" tabs and unleash a sprawling list of nuanced betting options.

One area in which Betstar does differ from the standard sport betting site is the absence of a right hand column. In general, most online bookmakers reserve this section of their site for any live streaming links, daily offers and betting slips. However, Betstar does things a little differently. After placing your bet, the centre console then shifts to form the place where your betting journey comes to an end. Here you can finalise your bets, check out any last minute offers and close the door on one journey before embarking on another.

The Sports Betting Menu

As you'd expect, Aussie sports are at the forefront of Betstar's betting options. Topping the bill is horse racing in all its forms, followed by a raft of other national treasures, including: AFL, NRL, cricket and football. However, to simply offer a slew of Australian sports would be a mistake and Betstar knows it, which is why you'll also find a string of international options, such as MMA, baseball, basketball and tennis.

Not only that, but Betstar has pushed its betting provisions to the limit with a host of novelty bets. Valid for a range of TV spectacles, elections and political events, these markets represent a great way to speculate on something outside of the world.

Added Extra: Betstar Sports Betting Bonuses and Bargains

To welcome all new customers, Betstar has one of the largest welcome bonuses in the industry. Worth up to $250, this offer is linked to all new deposits which basically means you're opening transaction will be matched in the form of free bets.

For example, if you were to fund your account with $100 in the first instance, then Betstar would match that and give you an extra $100 in the form of betting credits. In addition to this deal, Betstar offers an ongoing series of bonuses and promotions which include enhanced odds, no lose deals and cash back for selected matches.

Moreover, if you're a fan of horse racing, you can use the "Pick Your Own Odds" option to increase your risk to reward ratio. By scanning through the lobby you'll see the option to adjust the odds for certain races based on minimum winning margins. Starting at half a length and scaling up to 6+ lengths (1/4 increments), you can choose to bet on exactly how much your selection will win by and, therefore, increase your projected returns (your odds against will also increase).

The final added extra inside is its dedicated VISA card. Linked to all real money betting accounts, this card allows you to withdraw your winnings from ATM virtually as soon as the bet has been settled.

Anyone that uses the card will be allowed to withdraw up to $1,000 in cash per day from ATMs or complete EFTPOS transactions of up to $2,500 a day. One important point to note, however, is that you can't transfer money into your betting account and then withdraw those funds straight away, only winnings accrued from previous deposits can be withdrawn.

View from the Betting Floor

If you're looking for a clean, simple to use online sports betting site then there are few platforms that can rival From the moment you sashay through its virtual doors you're given a clear roadmap to all the best racing offers, international sports and novelty bets. What's more, a generous welcome bonus worth up to $250 when you place your first wagers is on hand to ensure that, whatever your relative skill level, your first experiences are both positive and profitable.

Betstar's Highlights

  • Generous welcome bonus up to $250.
  • Simple, efficient interface.
  • Huge racing portal.
  • Novelty betting options.
  • Betstar VISA card for easy withdrawals.

To become a Betstar betting star, simply follow our dedicated download link and create your first account today.