Centrebet Bonus Bets & Review

When Centrebet first came into being as an online entity back in 1996 it was not only a bold move for the company (which had been operational since 1992), but a bold move for the Aussie gambling scene. Despite many operators viewing the Internet with suspicion, Centrebet embraced the medium and subsequently became the first bookmaker in the Southern Hemisphere to offer online betting.

Since that time the operator has built up a strong reputation both among the gambling public and on the stock market and that's led to a string of takeovers and mergers. The end result is a company that's now owned a controlled by one of the UK's largest bookmakers, William Hill, and a brand that's known across Australia thanks to its premium betting offers, public endorsement deals (kit sponsor of St Kilda Football Club) and various high profile ad campaigns.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Centrebet

When it comes online sports betting, Centrebet places a lot of emphasis on the experienced punter; however, this doesn't mean the humble novice is excluded from the party. In fact, the opposite is true. Although the set-up very much favours those with an eye for sports betting value, Centrebet has made its platform a place where everyone can learn the ropes relatively quickly. This means that newbies are quickly transformed into old hands and, therefore, have a much better chance of making money than here than at any other site.

The Interface

When you land on Centrebet's homepage there is a strong European vibe to the set-up. Although Australian born and bred, the developers have taken a lot of influences from the UK market and this is reflected heavily in the overall design of the site.

Instead of cramming a slew of options into a small space at the top of the page, Centrebet has three tabs at the top: Home, Sports and Racing. All self-explanatory, these options open the door to a myriad of features, including betting odds, form guides and live streaming, which are all controlled by a series of quick links on the left-hand side of the page.

Left Sidebar: In addition to unlocking the main betting categories via the top bar, Centrebet allows you to switch betting racing and sports through the dropdown menus on the left-hand side of the page. By opening up the retracted boxes you'll find a slew of links which take you directly to the sport of your choice. Not only that, but these quick link tabs also contain the latest live betting options, forthcoming fixtures and a search bar which allows you to skip directly to the sport of your choice.

One handy feature contained within the boxes in the 24 hour sports card. Accessible with a single click, this option allows you to see all the top sporting events scheduled for the coming 24 hours. Not only that, but once you select this option you can breakdown the table of options into time increments, including: next 6 hours, 6-12 hours, 12-18 hours and 18-24 hours. Essentially, if you're someone that likes to have a clear overview of the day's top betting activity, then Centrebet has you covered.

Centre Console: Once you've made your choices on the left-hand side of the page, the action moves into the central column. Here you'll be shown a dynamic table of events, stats and betting odds. By clicking on a particular option you'll be able to see the latest competitors and the projected odds, as well as the latest multi-bets, daily offers and relevant stats. Although this may feel somewhat busy on first inspection, this central console is extremely useful because it contains all the information you need to place the most profitable bets possible. In fact, to ensure all novices have a clear idea of what's going on, Centrebet has included a help button which provides a brief explanation of each feature with a simple click.

Right Sidebar: After you've perused the day's bets, checked out the form and picked out a winner the action moves to the right-hand side of the page. Here you'll find a quick overview of the next sporting events to take place as well as a link to the live scores hub. Moreover, this is the place where your betting journey is brought to a close. At the very top of the section you'll find the "Betslip" which contains all your latest selections. In this box you'll be able to review the odds, enter your stake and then confirm the bet before making it final. Once you've done that the deal is sealed and your fate is in the hands of the betting gods.

Overall, the simple left-to-right structure of Centrebet's interface makes it a simple platform to navigate. Although there is a lot of information and options crammed into the site, the designers have done a good job of hiding things when necessary and making everything as clear and concise as possible.

The Sports Betting Menu

Because it's been given its own tab, there's no doubt that racing is the most abundant betting option inside Centrebet. From harness and greyhound to straight horseracing, this section of the site contains all the best four-legged action from around the world.

To ensure that racing fans have the most chance of making money, Centrebet offers singles, multiples, jockey challenges, scratching and virtually any other betting option you can think of. Not only that, but the site also offers a "Pick Four" option. Accessible with a single click, this option brings up a selection of races with four chosen runners.

By hitting the "submit bet" your betting slip will be filled with selections and all you have to do is choose your stake. Once you've done that you'll be in line for a set prize. For example, if the "Pick Four" tab is showing "$70", then each $1 bet on the automatic choices will pay you a dividend of $70.

Away from the racing options, Centrebet has both live betting and future betting prices for a slew of domestic and international sports, including: AFL, NRL, cricket, golf, football, basketball, surfing, esports, MMA and political events.

The Tech Wizardry

Aside from dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, Centrebet has a live streaming feature which is perfect for hardcore sports fans. Open to all real money customers, this service allows you to listen to radio broadcasts and connect to live video links of various sporting events. Acting as an inbuilt gateway in the day's best sporting action, these provisions are perfect for anyone that likes to places in-play bets.

Added Extra: Centrebet Betting Bonuses and Bargains

To welcome all new customers, Centrebet offers a $200 bonus to all first time depositors. Operating on a match basis, this deal basically gives you a set amount of free bets up to a maximum of $200 after you've made your first deposit. For example, if you were to fund your account with $100 in the first instance, then Centrebet would match that amount with $100 in free bets. Although this bonus cash can't be instantly withdrawn, it will allow you to ante-up without any risk; something which all newbies will appreciate.

View from the Betting Floor

Centrebet is Australia's longest serving online bookmaker and it shows. Aside from a slick interface designed to give punters the best betting options possible, the site has a slew of attractive daily bonuses and gaming features. Indeed, the live streaming service is something that's relatively rare in Australia, but it's one that all punters, regardless of their skill level, will find useful.

Overall, if you're looking for an online betting site that's highly experienced, well crafted and designed to turn all punters into winners, then Centrebet is hard to beat.

Centrebet Highlights

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Welcome bonus worth up to $200.
  • Huge amount of betting information and form guidance.
  • Innovative racing features.
  • Live streaming for selected events.

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