CrownBet Bonus Bets & Review

1005 Australian owned and licensed, CrownBet has undergone a number of changes in recent years thanks to a takeover deal by the Packer enterprise and Crown Resorts.

Originally known as Betezy and launched in 2005 by A. Kay, Betezy had something of a turbulent ride in its early days, but all that changed when Matthew Tripp (formerly the owner of Sportsbet) purchased the assets of Betezy in March 2014. After taking control of the company and realigning some of its services, Tripp rebranded Betezy as BetEasy and started a new era in the bookmaker's existence.

Following that change, BetEasy announced a joint venture with Betfair in January 2015 which would see the latter focus on exchange betting and the former would offer fixed odds and tote products. This joint venture was a result of James Packer’s Crown Resorts deal with BetEasy owner Matthew Tripp and effectively gave Crown Resorts control of BetEasy.

Today, Crown Resorts owns two-thirds of the joint venture and as a result the site was finally rebranded as CrownBet.

Best Bets: Breaking Down CrownBet

If you didn't know any better you'd swear that you were seeing CrownBet through the eyes of a mobile user. Fully scalable and changing as you switch the size of your browser, CrownBet's interface has been designed to all its customers a modern gaming experience.

Indeed, through a combination of simple boxouts, clear fonts and dynamic borders, CrownBet has a realistic mobile feel, which is something those with experience in the market will certainly appreciate.

The Interface

Following a management shakeup and a change in company stance, CrownBet has worked hard to reinvigorate its interface and that's resulted in a structure that has a distinctly mobile feel. Regardless of the size of your browser the software will adjust as necessary so that you can have all the necessary information contained on a single page.

For example, at its smallest, CrownBet has a main central console that highlights the forthcoming races, upcoming sporting events and latest offers. Above this you'll find a drop down menu icon (the familiar three horizontal lines) which then unleashes a slew of quick links to betting markets, rewards and support services.

As you stretch your browser and open up the interface the once concealed menu is released from its hole and moved to the left-hand side of the page. Now sat in full view and offering the same quick links to all the same options, this setup in full view looks much like any other online sports betting site.

One other addition to the interface that appears when you stretch your browsing window to its full capacity (it's hidden at its smallest size) is the top toolbar. Here you'll find an additional set of quick links to a dedicated racing portal, sports page and tabs relating to promotions and bonuses.

Overall, CrownBet offers a fantastic interface that's as slick as it is useful. By hiding certain elements at the smaller end of the spectrum and releasing them as you scale up, the developers have been able to pack a huge amount of information into a small space and that's something every gambler will appreciate.

The Sports Betting Menu

In terms of sports betting options, CrownBet has virtually every form of competition covered. Whether you're an NRL fan or an AFL lover, CrownBet has dozens of daily markets to keep you entertained. Moreover, if you're someone that's into leftfield sports such as handball, lawn bowls or netball, then you'll also find a slew of betting options to suit your needs.

In addition to its standard betting options, which include a wealth of racing markets, CrownBet is also the official betting partner of the Australian Football League and the approved betting partner of the NRL, Cricket Australia, the FFA, Tennis Australia and Netball Australia.

This association with some of the biggest sporting associations in Australia not only gives CrownBet more credibility as an operator, but makes its odds and information more acute than virtually any other provider. Although there are exceptions to this rule, CrownBet is known as one of leading odds setters for many of Australia's top sports.

Finally, when it comes to live betting, punters will have to call a dedicated phone number in order to ante-up. Because Crown Resorts is one of the largest betting companies in Australia it can't be seen to contravene established laws, so to ensure everything is above board there are no online in-play betting options.

The Tech Wizardry

As you'd expect from a platform that puts a lot of focus on making its desktop interface fully scalable, CrownBet has dedicated iOS and Android apps. Offering the same neat functionality that the main site boasts, these apps give you instant access to thousands of sports bets with a few touches of your screen.

The other interesting tech innovation present inside CrownBet is the live chat widget. Instead of forcing punters to send an email or wait on the phone for hours, CrownBet has an online chat feature which puts customers in contact with a team of experts. Able to deal with a range of queries and issues, this feature helps to reduce resolution times across the site and make CrownBet a more accessible platform for punters of all persuasions.

Added Extra: CrownBet Betting Bonuses and Bargains

After merging with Crown Resorts and rebranding at CrownBet in 2015, this site subsequently released a raft of new bonuses and promotions, including the impressive Crown Signature Club loyalty program.

However, before you enter into the program and start earning free cash, you can pick up a welcome bonus worth up to $450 if you're in QLD, NT, TAS and ACT. Operating on a match basis, if you deposit $300 Crownbet will give you $450 in bonus bets.

Beyond this deal, CrownBet offers a host of ongoing betting promotions, but the jewel in this site's proverbial crown is the loyalty reward system. For every wager a CrownBet member places, they are able to earn points under the terms of the Crown Signature reward conditions. CrownBet members can then redeem these points across their choice of Crown experiences, including Crown’s restaurants, hotels, retail precinct and gaming offerings. Basically, if you spend money online, you can translate these into real world rewards at any Crown Resort property.

View from the Betting Floor

In terms of style and promotions, CrownBet is the leader in its class. The fully scalable interface is hugely impressive and makes betting extremely efficient and intuitive. However, as strong as the software is, it's the CrownBet loyalty program that really helps this site standout.

Instead of offering a simple welcome bonus and a selection of ongoing promotions, CrownBet actually gives all its customers a reward based on the money they stake. By giving punters the ability to earn more money based on the amount they stake is highly appealing to both professionals and novices and that's the reason CrownBet is one of the fastest growing online bookmakers in Australia.

CrownBet's Highlights

  • Welcome bonus - Deposit $300 get $450.
  • Unique CrownBet loyalty program.
  • Hugely intuitive interface.
  • Slew of major and minor sports betting markets covered.
  • Links to Australia's largest gaming operator, Crown Resort.

      To become a member of CrownBet and benefit from all the features listed above, simply follow our download link and create your first account today.