Ladbrokes Bonus Bets & Review

Despite its historical home being the UK (it was founded there in 1886), Ladbrokes is now one of the largest online sports betting portals in Australia. Offering a tailored service to Aussie punters of all persuasions, Ladbrokes has cleverly used its international reputation to form the backbone of its site and then augmented this with a service of market-specific innovations.

Indeed, while Ladbrokes as a brand might have an international focus, Ladbrokes as a betting site has been crafted specifically to offer Aussie punters the best service possible.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Ladbrokes

Because the Australian sports betting market is something of a unique proposition, Ladbrokes has been forced to respond with a range of features to deal with the dynamics at play. Naturally, however, the site has been able to draw a lot of inspiration from its European cousin and that means the main interface is very much in line with Ladbrokes’ overall style and structure.

The Interface

To ensure that no punter misses a beat, Ladbrokes has divided its interface into four main sections: racing, sports, live betting and mega. Each option is highlighted at the top of the page in a designated navigation bar for maximum impact.

Instead of merging these options and cramming them into a single page, the designers have sectioned them out in order to give each genre as much scope as possible. This partition works extremely well in terms of clarity and efficiency because it not only makes it easier for users to find the best bets, but it allows Ladbrokes to fit more information around its betting options.

Horse Racing: As you'd expect, the horse racing tab is filled with a wealth of wagers related to the sport of kings. From live bets and future markets to combinations and scratching options. Listed on the left-hand side of the page is all the different racing options (including greyhound and harness racing) and they each lead into a centre console which outlines the day's top bets. In addition to offering odds on each race, the racing portal also offers various promotions and challenges, as well as recent results and track conditions around the country. Essentially, if there's anything you need to know about horse racing in Australia or beyond, then Ladbrokes betting tab is it.

Sports: This is the main betting hub inside Ladbrokes and contains every available market. Dominating the centre of the page are two sections outlining the latest news headlines of the days as well as the forthcoming fixtures. By giving themselves the opportunity to fit more elements into a single page, the designers have made it possible for users to read the latest tips and updates without having to navigate away from the betting board. For experienced punters this a great resource to have because time equals money in the betting world and the quicker you can jump on a hot tip, the more money you stand to make.

Live Betting: The main feature and, therefore, the most useful feature of the in-play betting page is the running match report. Featuring a countdown timer, scoreboard and "action-meter", the panel is a great way for users to keep track of the latest action and, more importantly, refine their bets in order to increase their chances of success. To place a live bet you can either call Ladbrokes' hotline, or you can use its innovative QuickCall feature.

This software allows you to place in-play bets online without having to use your phone. To take advantage of this system, all you have to do is navigate to the live betting tab, make your selection by clicking on the odds of your choice and then click on the bet live with QuickCall button and a phone call will be made using a synthetic voice. Once you've done that your wager is set and your fortune is in the hands of fate.

Mega: For novice punters the heading "mega" may seem somewhat confusing; however, the main premise of this betting option is relatively simple. Known technically as MegaMargin, this section of the site is designed for mobile users and has a top prize of $1 million on offer. All you have to do if you want to scoop a prize is correctly predict the winning margins of up to six specified AFL or NRL matches.

The amount you stake and the number of chances you take is up to you, but if you can ante-up and correctly predict six winning margins then you could win an impressive $1 million.

The Sports Betting Menu

One of the most attractive aspects of Ladbrokes Sports is its betting limits. Regardless of whether you want to ante-up on football, horse racing or something more exotic such as MMA or speedway, Ladbrokes allows you to do so from as little $0.10.

To complement this desire to serve as many customers as possible, Ladbrokes is also available in 21 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Swedish and Greek. Adopting this polyglottal approach is yet another reason why Ladbrokes is now able to attract the full demographic of punters to its platform.

The Tech Wizardry

For punters that want instant access to their cash, Ladbrokes has its own VISA Card. Once you've applied for and activated your new Ladbrokes VISA Card, you can simply transfer winnings to the card and withdraw your winnings at any ATM.

Added Extra: Ladbrokes Betting Bonuses and Bargains

To augment its technical prowess, Ladbrokes offers a constant stream of betting bonuses, including bet boosts for AFL matches, no lose options on the NRL and enhanced odds with the rugby freaks offers.

For all new customers a $100 bet is handed out after you place your first wager. Based on a match basis, the system basically gives you a free bet up to a maximum of $100 based on your first stake. However, that's not all. Once you've scooped your welcome bonus, Ladbrokes continues to pile on the offers with the pick your own odds offer.

Basically, if you've got a horse in mind that's a dead cert, you can choose to increase the odds for selected races. Although you won't be able to beef up your returns for every race on the roster, you can enhance your winnings on certain events if you're willing to keep your eyes peeled.

View from the Betting Floor

In terms of desktop and mobile betting, Ladbrokes is on hand to deliver an exceptional service at any time of the day or night. Thanks to an array of sports betting options and bonuses tailored specifically towards Aussie punters, Ladbrokes has created a platform that's as lucrative for novices as it is professionals. In fact, it doesn't matter whether you're someone looking to wager a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, Ladbrokes AU has made it easy for everyone to find the best odds, get the latest betting info and access their winnings.

Ladbrokes Sports' Highlight:

  • $100free bet for all new customers.
  • Live and in-play betting using QuickCall.
  • Ladbrokes VISA for instant winnings.
  • Easy to use desktop and mobile interfaces.
  • Low betting limits.

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