Luxbet Bonus Bets & Review

A relative newcomer to the Australian online betting scene in comparative terms, Luxbet is licensed in the Northern territory and offers one of the most generous sign-up bonuses in the virtual arena. As well as being highly lucrative from a new customer's point of view, registered users can also take advantage of a slew of enhanced odds promotions and cash back offers when they ante-up for real money at Luxbet.

Of course, an online bookie couldn't survive on bonuses alone, which is why this operator has spent almost as much time developing its interface as its incentive program. Indeed, although the styling has gradually evolved since the platform first went live in 2008, the main design has remained the same which means you'll benefit from almost a decade of iGaming expertise.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Luxbet

When you compare many of the leading online bookmakers in Australia, many of them share a lot of the same traits. A simple navigation bar at the top of the page is often followed by a series of widgets on the left-hand side of the page and a main central column. As effective as this system is, it's not how Luxbet does things. In a bid to make its platform as unique as possible, Luxbet offers a simple top-down structure.

The Interface

As we've mentioned the overall structure of Luxbet is quite different from many Aussie bookmakers. Basically, when you walk through its virtual doors you're greeted with a two-tiered navigation bar that contains quick links to all the relevant betting options.

Although this setup might be slightly alien to some users and appear cluttered on first inspection, it's actually highly effective. Instead of having long lists sprawling down one side of the main page, everything is controlled by the top navigation bar. From this base, users are then directed towards a single column in the centre.

Here you're given all the information you need to assess the latest betting action, compare odds and make your prediction based on the available information. Once you've clicked the option that tickles your fancy, the wager will appear on your betting slip which is located on the right-hand side of the page in its own widget.

The reason this setup is so effective is that everything is divided into two main sections: the top navigation bar and the central column. For example, if you're looking for the next live races, there's a tab for that. If you want to check out the future markets for soccer, tennis and golf, there are tabs for that also. Finally, if you want some added value in the form of bonuses then you'll also find these offers in the top navigation bar.

In contrast to other sites that force you to scroll up and down, left to right, Luxbet has opted to keep thing simple and that means you'll never miss a juicy bet or a generous bonus.

The Sports Betting Menu

Unsurprisingly, racing forms a major part of Luxbet's overall offering. Greyhounds, harness racing and horseracing are all offered in various forms, including fixed odds and tote betting. Moreover, each individual event will have a string of betting options attached to it such as quinellas, exactas and trifectas.

If racing isn't your thing then Luxbet offers markets for a range of additional sports, including darts, surfing, soccer, cricket, basketball and more. Additionally, esports is another market that Luxbet takes very seriously. Although other operators offer odds for various esport events, few go as far as to offer live streams. Through its dedicated streaming tool, Luxbet customers can watch and bet on the biggest esport events from around the world without having to leave their account page.

The Tech Wizardry

One of the smartest things about Luxbet's interface is that everything is highly customisable. Because there is literally hundreds of betting options available at any one time, it can be tricky keeping up with all your favourite action. Fortunately, Luxbet has solved this problem with a customisable betting menu. By clicking the relevant button you can choose to include or exclude as many sports as you like from your account page.

For example, if you simply wanted to focus on in-play and future markets for golf, rugby and MMA, then you can set this via your account page and only have these listed on the top navigation bar. For professional punters who know exactly where their preferences lie, this option is fantastic because it helps to save both time and money (the faster you can ante-up the more money you stand to make).

Added Extra: Luxbet Betting Bonuses and Bargains

Luxbet gives all its novices a 100% boost on all their opening transactions. What does this mean in real terms? When you make your first deposit of $500 or less, Luxbet will supplement this with a bonus bet worth as much as $500.

For example, if you deposited $50 as a new customer, Luxbet would give you an additional $500 in bonus cash (only valid for QLD, NT, TAS and ACT residents). This cash can only be used to ante-up in one of Luxbet's sports betting markets, but any money you win will be returned to you in the form of releasable funds. What does this mean? Basically, anything you win from a free bet can be withdrawn once you've met certain wagering requirements. Although this may seem somewhat daunting, you basically have to wager as much as your initial bonus was worth in order to release any funds.

View from the Betting Floor

Luxbet might do things a little differently from other online bookmakers in Australia, but that's in no way a bad thing. In fact, variety is the spice of life and Luxbet is a welcome offering in a sea of conformity. The fully customisable betting interface is the perfect way for punters of all persuasions to get the most out of their time online.

While it's great to offer hundreds of simultaneous betting options, it can also make a site confusing and impenetrable. Fortunately, Luxbet has solved this problem by listing its main options in a simple navigation bar at the top of the page. From there it's a simple process of looking down the page at the latest odds and offers until you find the right bet for you.

In addition to an intuitive interface, Luxbet is also a leading player in the Aussie market when it comes to live streaming. Offering video links of all the latest esport events is something very few sports betting sites around the world do, so to have something like this available in Australia is highly impressive. This functionality, combined with a welcome bonus that's more lucrative than the industry average helps to create a site that's perfect for punters of all persuasions.

Luxbet Highlights

  • Simple to use, highly customisable interface.
  • Welcome bonus worth up to $500.
  • Live streaming of major events in the esports world.
  • A reputation for excellence built up since 2008.
  • Excellent odds for all forms of racing.

    To become a member of Luxbet and benefit from all its intricate features, make sure you follow our dedicated download link and create your first account today.