TAB Bonus Bets & Review

Holding a dual gaming license in Australia, TAB is a multifaceted sports betting operator with interests in the online arena as well as retail outlets and phone betting platforms. This network of interests has not only made the TAB brand a household name across Australia, but given the company a player base of more than 300,000 customers.

From a punter's perspective this kind of public visibility and liquidity is not only fantastic in terms of safety and security, but it means that TAB is able to offer more big money bonuses and favourable odds than its competitors. Moreover, a thriving community of players creates the need for a stable platform and TAB has responded to these demands with an interface that's both robust and functional.

Best Bets: Breaking Down TAB

When you first follow our download link and become a TAB member you'll be prompted to choose your state of residence if you live in New South Wales or Victoria (residents outside of these states can choose either option).

A necessary process TAB customers must go through in order to comply with its licensing conditions, this initial option should be seen as nothing more than a formality as both door leads to an identical platform.

The Interface

Following a complete overhaul in 2012, TAB has since become a modern looking sports betting platform that offers an impressive combination of form and function. Indeed, when you first land on TAB's homepage you'll be greeted with a clean, clutter-free interface.

For sports betting pros and novices alike the ability to find information quickly and efficiently is not only the key to an enjoyable experience but a more profitable betting experience. To help delineate TAB's main betting a navigation panel is located at the top of the page.

Within this boxout you'll find the full roster of sports betting options offered by TAB. A single click on any of the headings will then switch the main betting panels situated directly below the navigation bar. To the left of the page you'll find a breakdown of the latest events connected to your chosen sport.

For example, highlighting the AFL option in the main search panel brings up a list of forthcoming matches between the likes of St Kilda, GWS, Geelong and the West Bulldogs. Next to each option you'll find a checkbox which can be selected and deselected in order to reveal or hide specific betting options within the central panel.

Once you've found the matches you want to speculate on, the central betting panel allows you to look at the specific bets for each match. Moreover, this panel allows you to call up a list of relevant stats, including previous results and recent form. Finally, this panel also contains links to live streams and in-play betting options, which means you can access all the latest action with a single name.

One of the most impressive features TAB's designers have chosen to utilise are the tick/un-tick boxes. Giving you the ability to filter betting markets and show as little or as much information as you're comfortable with, this small design feature makes a huge difference in terms of the site's overall efficiency.

The Sports Betting Menu

Having a strong footing in the Aussie sports betting market means TAB is well equipped to offer premium odds when it comes to every national sport. Whether it's NRL, Aussie rules or cricket, TAB has dozens of daily markets available for both in-play and future bets.

In fact, to ensure the in-play betting markets are as accessible as possible, TAB has created a separate interface to display its ware. Inside this portal you'll find an event schedule, results and a stats centre. Moreover, live scores are provided for most events as are live video streams.

Unfortunately, however, it's not possible to place in-play bets via this portal. In fact, because of Aussie sports betting laws, it's not possible to place live wagers online at all. Fortunately, TAB's solution to this legal hurdle is a dedicated phone line for live bets. After finding your bet online you can call the dedicated number, talk to a sophisticated computer program and place a stake based on the odds shown inside your browser.

The Tech Wizardry

Thanks to TAB's auxiliary services in the worlds of TV and radio, online customers can access a series of live streams and audio broadcasts from the biggest events in Australia. Housed inside the Sky Media Centre, these options not only add an extra layer of engagement and excitement to TAB, but help improve your overall EV.

With a direct insight into a variety of sporting encounters, punters are more likely to have a better appreciation of an event's dynamics and, therefore, make more accurate predictions in the live betting market. Because this, TAB's Sky Media Centre is an invaluable resource for punters of all persuasions.

Added Extra: TAB Betting Bonuses and Bargains

Unfortunately, TAB doesn't have any specific welcome bonus offers; however, it does offer better odds than the majority of Aussie sports betting platforms. From a minimum betting stake of just $0.50 all punters can enjoy a margin of just 6.1% and premium odds on racing, rugby and Aussie rules.

In addition to generous odds, TAB regularly offers seasonal promotions based on the latest sporting event or festival. These deals include enhanced odds, cash back incentives and multi-bet boosters. Finding these offers is a matter of searching through the promotions page and keeping track of major events.

View from the Betting Floor

Revamping its platform in 2012 was a masterstroke by TAB's designers. By making the platform cleaner, more efficient and less rigid, the general public has responded in kind by registering their details with the site. With a fan base approaching 400,000 users, TAB is now one of the largest online bookmakers in Australia and this level of support has given the company an impressive level of liquidity. In turn, this liquidity has been used to offer some of the lowest margins and highest odds in the country.

Moreover, through a combination of online, phone and retail provisions, the TAB brand has proliferated across Australia and that's helped earn it a reputation for quality, safety and security. Although the site's overall package could be enhanced by the addition of a welcome bonus, TAB's odd makers have tried to offset this issue with a matrix of attractive odds and offers.

Overall, TAB is an online sports betting platform that will appeal to punters at both ends of the betting spectrum. Novices will find the interface easy to get to grips with and the low betting limits will give them an affordable route into the action. At the other end of the spectrum, professional punters will enjoy the small betting margins and high staking limits.

For a complete betting experience, TAB is certainly one of Australia's more attractive online options.

TAB's Highlights

  • Modern interface with a wealth of useful features
  • Strong reputation for quality and safety
  • Online, live and phone betting options
  • Live streams and dynamic results hub
  • Favourable odds for a range of markets

      To become a TAB customer and enjoy some of the best sports betting odds in Oz, follow our sign-up link and create your first account today.