Tom Waterhouse Bonus Bets & Review

The eponymous brainchild of Australian racing heir Tom Waterhouse, this online bookmaking site has often made the headlines since launching in 2011 thanks in large part to its founder. Taking a similar approach to Victor Chandler, the British bookmaker who used his name and persona to push his site in Europe, Waterhouse has appeared in a number of ad campaigns over the last few years.

However, despite being loved by many but loathed by some, Waterhouse has succeeded in his mission to make a name for his company and in the last few years Tom Waterhouse has become one of the leading online bookmakers in Oz. In fact, such is the status of this site that Tom Waterhouse was recently purchased by William Hill.

Known as one of the largest bookmakers in Europe, William Hill is a veritable legend in the iGaming industry and since taking control of Tom Waterhouse in 2013 it's implemented a number of positive changes. Indeed, aside from tweaking the interface so that it now appeals to modern punters, the number of favourable odds and betting bonuses has skyrocketed in recent years.

Today, Tom Waterhouse stands as fantastic blend of Australian innovation and European gambling experience.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Tom Waterhouse Sports

The first thing that springs to mind when you land on is the word "minimalist". The second word that will likely follow this initial summation is "mobile". Although is a full desktop site, it's clear the interface has been designed with mobile users in mind. Because the iGaming industry is now moving more towards mobile betting apps, customers are used to seeing less information on the screen, more dropdown menus and dynamic elements instead of static tables.

This something the designers at Tom Waterhouse HQ have obviously paid attention to because the site certainly takes a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to advertising its wares.

The Interface

One you join Tom Waterhouse the driving force for all the betting activity you'll indulge in starts at the top of the page. A scalable navigation bar highlights the site's leading betting options and, depending on the size of your browser window, the number of sports you'll see will change. Leading the pack is horse racing, quickly followed by greyhounds, harness racing, Aussie Rules, rugby league and cricket, and each link will transport you into a world of tables, odds, betting offers and past results.

Of course, these sporting options aren't the only options for the canny punter. To reveal the full spectrum of options you'll need to click the "all" link. This will bring down a hidden boxout which contains a slew of sporting options, including: MMA, football, darts and surfing.

In addition to traditional sports betting options, Tom Waterhouse also offers wagers for popular cultural and political events. This means you can speculate and make a few dollars on anything from the next political race to which contestant will win Big Brother.

Once you've made your sporting pick at the top of the page, the action moves to the central console which, as mentioned, contains the latest featured events, next events to take place and live betting options. In keeping with the overall theme of the site, the amount of information in a single box has been kept to a minimum which means you'll have to scroll through the options in order to find the prospect you most desire.

Situated directly to the left and the right of the central console are two floating widgets. The box on the left contains quick links to the site's latest promotions, relevant results, betting options and live wagers. The box on the right brings your betting journey to a close with a space to view your pending bets and your overall betting slip. Not only that, but this widget contains a link to Tom's blog, a place where you can get the expert insights and opinions on the day's top action.

What makes these widgets even more appealing is that they move as you do. Instead of having to scroll up and down the page to find what you're looking for, the widget moves in time with your movements so you always have instant access to the best bets and promotions.

The Tech Wizardry

Although Tom Waterhouse has a strong mobile vibe inside its desktop platform, that doesn't mean you can't download a native app for your phone. Available for iOS and Android devices, the mobile software allows you to ante-up, gain access to the latest betting news and bank a bundle of bonuses all within a few touches of your screen.

In addition to giving users a mobile betting option, Tom Waterhouse offers an innovative "Click to Call" feature. To help users comply with Aussie in-play betting rules, Tom Waterhouse gives them the ability to call the company and place a bet without using their phone. With a few mouse clicks you can make a betting pick, click the "call" button and confirm your bet within a few seconds.

Although this isn't as succinct as the in-play betting systems used in Europe, it's still an efficient way to ante-up and take advantage of lucrative live betting markets.

Added Extra: Tom Waterhouse Betting Bonuses and Bargains

Being one of Australia's largest online bookmakers in Oz means that Tom Waterhouse is equipped to offer some of the best betting bonuses in the iGaming industry. All new customers will receive a free bet worth up to $250 when they first sign up.

Awarded as free betting credit, this offer works on a match basis - which means however much you stake on your first event, Tom Waterhouse will match it. However, there are certain conditions you need to be aware of if you want to receive this free cash.

Firstly, this deal is not available to NSW, VIC, WA or SA residents. Moreover, it's only valid on settled bets up to $250 and anyone using POLi as a deposit method won't be entitled to the bonus. Finally, any winnings accrued via the Bonus must be turned over at least once (1x) at odds of $1.50 or greater before your funds can be withdrawn.

View from the Betting Floor

Tom Waterhouse may have caused a stir with his TV antics in the past, but since his site was acquired by William Hill the platform has become a major player in the Aussie Betting market. Having the experience of a major brand such as William Hill has not only allowed Tom Waterhouse to offer some of the best odds in the business, but it's give it the financial power to create an interface that's as intuitive as it is innovative.

Although some may feel that the overall feel of the site is sparse, the reality of the situation is that Tom Waterhouse is perfectly set up for punters who want to make the most amount of money with the least effort. Indeed, regardless of whether you're a newbie or a pro, this online bookmaker is more than capable of offering you a highly lucrative betting experience.

Tom Waterhouse's Highlights

  • Dynamic, easy to navigate betting interface.
  • Welcome bonus worth up to $250.
  • Mobile betting options.
  • Innovative click to call live betting feature.
  • Expert tips via Tom's Betting Blog.

      To become a Tom Waterhouse customer and earn up to $250 in free bets, make sure you follow our download link and join the site today.