TopBetta Bonus Bets & Review

It might have a strange name and its spelling of the word "better" might be somewhat suspect, but TopBetta certainly hasn't made any mistakes when it comes to online sports betting in Australia. A unique proposition in a sea of conformity, TopBetta is based in Newcastle and licensed by the Norfolk Gaming Authority, which means you can ante-up safe in the knowledge your money and liberty are safe.

Moreover, because TopBetta has a uniquely Australian focus, you'll find that every betting option and bonus is tailored specifically towards Aussie customers. Because of this you'll always be able to find the best bets on a range of domestic encounters, including local cricket, rugby and Aussie Rules matches.

Best Bets: Breaking Down TopBetta Sports

TopBetta is different to virtually all of its peers in the Australian online sports betting world and this mentality is apparent from the moment you land on its homepage. Instead of showing customers a matrix of odds and offers before they’ve even had chance to acclimatise themselves, TopBetta opens with a landing page outlining its betting highlights.

Although only useful from an advertising perspective, this landing page does ease you into the action and give you a taste of what awaits you behind its virtual curtain. In fact, one would say that this strategy is enough to stir up some intrigue; especially when you read that it's possible to "be part of the action" and "play against other punters".

The Interface

The main strategy adopted by TopBetta is one of simplicity. Instead of small heading and intricate lists, the designers at this site have adopted the mantra: "bigger is better". By splitting the interface into two columns, TopBetta is one of the easiest sites to navigate in the industry.

In the left-hand column you'll find a list of betting options all enlivened by a relevant icon and once you've made your pick the software will lead you onto the right-hand side of the page where you'll find the latest betting options.

*Note: before you select your desired sport the right-hand side of the page is also reserved for information regarding current betting offers, sporting news and betting tips.

Overall, the look and feel of TopBetta is one that's reminiscent of a mobile platform. The colours are simple, the boxouts and fonts are bold and the software is dynamic which means it will resize itself as you scale up and down. For modern online punters, these stylistic choices will be a welcome break from the norm and highly conducive to an efficient and profitable online sports betting experience.

The Sports Betting Menu

Aside from an innovative interface, TopBetta has also managed to outdo its peers in the products that it offers. While there is no shortage of sports to bet on from as little as $0.01, TopBetta's most notable feature is its betting tournaments.

Standing as compensation for a lack of in-play betting provisions, these tournaments give you the ability to ante-up and compete against your fellow punters in the quest for betting supremacy. A novel idea and one that's almost unique in Australia, this option works in the following way:

  • Betting tournaments are either free or paid to enter affairs. Free tournaments usually offer prizes consisting of entry into a paid event.

  • Each player that ante-ups in a paid for tournament will pay a set fee (some of which is kept by the house) and receive 1,000 Betta Bucks.

  • After receiving their tournament bankroll a player can then place as many or as few bets as they like on a specified sporting contest (i.e. the designated event could be the second round of the football World Cup).

  • At the end of the contest the players with the most profit are declared the winner and given an appropriate prize. For many of the smaller buy-in events the structure is winner-takes-all, but in higher buy-in affairs the prizepool is often split between the top 10% of finishers.

    This system, which is similar to various casino and poker tournaments you can find online, is something that's highly innovative and something all Aussie sports bettors should try at least once. Although TopBetta does take a fee from each buy-in, the chance to win some serious cash is extremely high if you're something of an expert in the particular sport chosen for the contest.

    Moreover, even if you're someone who is simply looking for a different, more enjoyable, way to ante-up, then the TopBetta betting tournaments are certainly worth a shot.

    The Tech Wizardry

    Because TopBetta's interface is virtually mobile in its design, there's isn't much else the developers could do to infuse some tech wizardry into it. Every action you make is simple and to the point which makes betting as efficient as possible.

    Added Extra: TopBetta Betting Bonuses and Bargains

    TopBetta have introduced some fantastic welcome bonuses for eligible punters. They currently offer a $500 deposit match offer, for which they also throw in a free tournament ticket (valued at $110). Alternatively, you can go with the $50 deposit option, which will get you $100 in bonus bets and a tournament ticket worth $23. T&Cs Apply, Exl. NSW.

    Further to this, you can enjoy protest payouts on every horse race if the protest was upheld. For example, if your horse was thought to be the winner but a protest then demoted them to second place, TopBetta would still payout your winnings as if the protest never happened.

    View from the Betting Floor

    When it comes to style and innovation there are few Aussie online bookmakers that can match TopBetta. In addition to offering a slick interface that's one of the most efficient in the industry, the decision to offer sports betting tournaments is one that few operators can match.

    Although there is an absence of futures markets, in-play betting and multiple betting slips, TopBetta more than makes up for this with its tournaments. While this format may not be to some people's tastes, the ability to pay a set entry fee and have some fun competing with other punters is something that should prove highly attractive to casual customers.

    In fact, if there's one overriding reason to sign-up and give TopBetta a try, it would be this focus on entertainment, excitement and competition.

    TopBetta's Highlights

  • Innovative sports betting tournaments with free and paid for options.
  • Simple, efficient and intuitive betting interface.
  • Australian owned and licensed online bookmaking site.
  • Betting available from as little as $0.01.

    To become a member of TopBetta and find out why it's billed as a "betta way" to bet, make sure you follow our dedicated download link. By opening your first account you'll get access to No Lose Saturday which is worth up to $1,000 in refunded bets, as well as a slew of free and paid for online sports betting tournaments.