TopSport Bonus Bets & Review

Building on a reputation honed over 25 years of operation, TopSport is the online portal that's backed by one of Australia's top bookmakers, Merlehan. Drawing from the bookmaker's extensive history in the live betting arena, TopSport has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the online market through a combination of generous odds, quality customer service and a constant stream of betting offers.

In fact, since launched in 2013, the site has prided itself on its "old fashioned" approach to customer service. Preferring to deal with each customer personally, the site's owners Lloyd and Tristan Merlehan still take a "hands on" approach. Indeed, while you may no longer find them answering the phones to customers (something they once did), the site does have a very personal feel and that's something that's allowed it to stand out in the crowded Aussie betting market.

Best Bets: TopSport's Personal Touch

From an aesthetic point of view, TopSport follows a similar pattern to many leading bookmakers. In fact, when you first navigate to this site you could be forgiven for thinking you're looking at a betting site backed by a company worth upwards of £500 million, rather than a platform that's still overseen by a father and son team.

Listed along the top of the homepage is a list of general options, including the number you need to call if you want to place an in-play bet. However, it's further down the page where the real action starts. Beyond the promo widget that scrolls through the latest bonuses and betting offers, you'll find an interface that's broken down into three constituent parts - left sidebar, central betting console and right sidebar.

Left Sidebar: Because TopSport is owned by Merlehan Bookmaking, it's therefore licensed by Greyhound Racing NSW and that means racing is very much the main focus of the site. In fact, when you start your betting journey on the left-hand side of the page you're greeted by a tab dedicated to the top races of the day.

Split into various categories, including thoroughbreds, greyhounds and harness, this widget gives you instant access to all the latest racing odds and offers. Not only that, but if you're looking for latest results or future markets, the widget allows you to click the link subsequently opens up a matrix of information in the centre of the page. For example, if you wanted to look back at previous results from a certain event, TopSport will allow you to scroll through a list of options and find out results from the last six years.

Beyond the racing tab, the left sidebar contains a slew of betting options that hide their own dropdown menu. Inside each menu you'll find a list of specific betting markets related to your chosen sport and, once you've made your choice here, the software will refresh the central console to reveal the latest betting odds.

Centre Console: Following the natural movement of your eyes when you read a page of text, TopSport's interface focuses your attention on the centre of the homepage once you've made your betting choice. For example, if you selected basketball and the current NBA season on the left-hand side of the screen, the individual betting options for that market would then be displayed in the central column.

At the top of the page you'll find a neat list containing all general bets you can take advantage of. In this instance, TopSport offers links to NBA options that include overall winner, Eastern Conference winner, winning conference and more. After selecting one of these options, the table of odds below will adjust itself accordingly and you'll be shown the latest odds for each event and/or competitor.

To place a bet, you simply click on the odds displayed (listed in a decimal format) and that will cause a betting slip to appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

Right Sidebar: This is the final destination on your TopSport betting journey as it's the place where you can review and complete your bets. After making your pick in the central column, you then have the option to review the odds, input your wager and confirm the bet using the "My Betslips" widget. Once you've completed this process, your odds will be locked in and the necessary funds will be debited from your account.

Completing the TopSport interface is the "coming up…" widget. Also located on the right-hand side of the page, this feature shows the next events and odds on offer. Listed in chronological order, this dynamic widget adds a sense of dynamism to the site and allows you to stay on top of the latest pre-event and in-play betting markets.

The Sports Betting Menu

As we've noted, much of TopSport's betting options focus on the racing world. Whatever your passion and wherever in the world a race is, TopSport will have odds for it. Indeed, from traditional horse and greyhound racing markets, to combination bets on specific stables (such as the jockey challenge which allows you to bet on a single rider over the course of a season). TopSport is up there with the best in terms of racing bets.

Of course, a site simply focusing on racing isn't going to survive in the Aussie online betting world and TopSport knows this. To ensure it caters to as many punters as possible, TopSport offers betting markets for a range of international sports, including basketball, football, boxing and darts. However, the most impressive feature of the site is its focus on traditionally Australian sports such as Aussie Rules. This focus on sports outside of the mainstream has allowed TopSport to become a firm favourite with local customers in recent years.

The Tech Wizardry

When it comes to tech wizardry, TopSport has two standout features. The first is its dedicated betting hotline. The ensure that it stays on the right side of Australian gambling laws, TopSport requires all in-play bettors to place wagers on the phone. Although this system isn't ideal, TopSport has sought to ease and potential heartache by removing in-play odds from its interface.

Unlike some Aussie bookmakers that display the odds online and then force you to call a betting hotline (a system that often results in customers not getting the odds they wanted), TopSport simply gives you a free phone number to call (1800 TOPSPORT). Available 24/7, this hotline will put you in contact with a member of staff who can give you a list of the latest markets for your chosen sport and lock in the odds during your conversation to ensure you get the price you're looking for.

Beyond TopSport's live betting provisions, the site also offers an impressive breakdown of the racing world. Because knowledge is power in the betting game, TopSport has created a database of race results that punters can use to help guide their bets. Stocked with six years' worth of data, the racing database can be filtered by month, year and venue to show the exact results of the races you're interested in. Added Extra: Personalised Bonuses from TopSport

When it comes to added value, TopSport's personal touch comes into play once again. Aside from taking bets of any size (as little as $0.01 and as much as you wish by request), this site regularly offers enhanced odds and money back offers on a range of sports.

Although there isn't a welcome bonus when you join TopSport, the owners do try to give loyal customers a selection of personalised offers once they've been a member for a few months. Available when you talk to a customer service representative directly, these deals certainly help to offset the lack of deposit bonus.

View from the Betting Floor

Overall, if you're looking for an online bookmaker that's passionately Australian and determined to offer a personal service then TopSport is the obvious choice. Although the brand might not have the global appeal of sites such as William Hill or Ladbrokes, the interface is well crafted and the hands on approach its owners take is impressive.

Indeed, unlike corporate bookmakers, TopSport is willing to tailor its services to suit its customers and if you're ever in trouble a helping hand is just a phone call away. Yes, TopSport might not be the biggest online bookmaker in the world, but it's certainly one that has its customers' best interests at heart.

TopSport's Highlights:

  • Solid reputation built up over 25 years.
  • Personalised service with owner taking hands on approach.
  • A wide range of betting options, including some of the best racing odds in Australia.
  • A range of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, POLi and B Pay.
  • Betting from as little as $0.01.

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