Unibet Bonus Bets & Review

One of Europe's largest bookmakers and, reportedly, one of Australia's largest operators, Unibet offers a complete sports betting service for Aussie residents. From the best odds and bonuses, to a slew of innovative features such as a live streaming service, Unibet has crammed as many features as possible into a single platform.

One of the reasons Unibet has become a leading operator in Oz is the acquisition of previously active sites. One of the company's biggest takeovers was Betchoice which was an established brand within Australian up until 2012. However, once Unibet take control of the brand's assets, it also absorbed its reputation and client base.

From this base, Unibet has since built up a reputation for betting and entertainment.

The Interface

Getting ahead in the sports betting world is a matter of knowledge, foresight and timing and Unibet Sports' platform is well designed to facilitate all these routes to financial success. The first thing you'll notice when you land on Unibet Sports' homepage is that there is a live betting widget. Contained within this rotating section is a collection of the latest odds for the day's top ongoing games.

For professional sports bettors this facility is fantastic because it allows them to jump on a host of potentially lucrative propositions as they occur. Having direct access to the best odds is a crucial for professional gamblers because it allows them to capitalise on situations they deem potentially profitable.

Another interesting feature for aspiring sports bettors is blog and stats section. This subsection of the site allows punters to read tips and advice from a range of betting experts and industry insiders, as well as review all salient stats for themselves.

While some online sportsbooks try to give members advice through a variety of mediums, all fail to match the inside knowledge of sport that Unibet Sports affords punters through the Armchair Experts section.

To complete its well constructed gambling portal where punters are given access to all the top sporting fixtures on a daily basis, Unibet has a dedicated horse racing section which allows members to bet and watch races from across the world. This ability to watch the action is something many pro gamblers like to utilise, but often don't have access to. Thankfully, Unibet has this service as standard.

The Sports Betting Menu

When it comes to sports betting, there isn't anything that Unibet isn't willing to offer odds for. Whether you're looking to place singles, multiple or exotic bets, Unibet literally has something for everyone.

One point to note is that if you want to place a live bet then you'll need to make a phone call. If in-play wagers are available for a particular event than a phone icon will appear next to the odds. Anyone that wants to then take the odds and place a wager will need to phone 13 78 68 (13 PUNT).

Although this isn't the most efficient system, Unibet is a major operator and must comply with Aussie gambling laws. However, if these stipulations are to ever change then you can be sure that Unibet will also move with the times.

The Tech Wizardry

Unibet TV is by far the most interesting innovation housed inside Unibet's interface. Offering a unique look at the latest live sporting events, this section of the site not only helps separate Unibet from its peers, but adds an extra element of entertainment to the site.

In fact, unlike some Australian bookmakers, Unibet TV doesn't simply focus on racing. Thanks to its ties with many of the Europe's largest sporting organisations, Unibet is able to offer live streams to a slew of sporting contests. From tennis and football, to horse racing and rugby, Unibet TV is by far the most comprehensive live streaming services in Oz.

To ensure that you never miss a stream and can plan your viewing and betting activity accordingly, Unibet offers a fully sortable calendar. This feature allows you to see a weekly breakdown of each sport in isolation, or the site's full range of sports betting options.

The other area in which Unibet excels is its mobile provisions. To give all iOS and Android users the most efficient platform possible, Unibet has created native mobile apps that not only give you access to thousands of daily bets, but a host of services, including: expert tips, live football and tennis scores, special mobile bonuses and, of course, access to Unibet TV.

When it comes to mobile betting provisions, Unibet offers one of the most complete packages currently available in the Aussie betting market.

Added Extra: Unibet Betting Bonuses and Bargains

Despite the absence of a welcome bonus, Unibet customers can earn $100 in bonus cash by referring a friend to the platform. Not only that, but throughout the week you'll find a host of sport-specific promotions and bonuses, including:

  • AFL Mutli Boost: To celebrate the popularity of AFL, Unibet is on hand to boost the odds for selected matches every week. To take advantage of these deals you need to keep an eye on the lobby and ante-up before the deal expires.
  • NRL Weekly Special: Thanks to its intimate ties with the NRL, Unibet is able to offer weekly bonuses and enhanced odds on a host of matches; especially games involving the Unibet sponsored Parramatta Eels.
  • 4+ Multi Cash Back: This opt-in offer will give you cash back on any 4+ leg combination bets that lose by a narrow margin. I.e. if three of your picks win and the fourth loses then you'll get some cash back for your efforts.
  • First Mobile Bet Refunds: Once you place your first mobile bet over $10 you'll be given a refund up to a maximum of $50.

    View from the Betting Floor

    Unibet Sports has worked hard to put together a platform that's not only complete in terms of the propositions it offers but the way it engages its customers. Through a combination of expert insights, live stats and mobile betting, Unibet has made the process of sports betting both profitable and entertaining.

    Of course, the other impressive feature Unibet boasts is its TV service. So much more than a simple streaming service, this comprehensive broadcast network is a one-stop shop for all things sport. Regardless of whether you want to watch a tennis match in the UK or a football in Italy, Unibet TV is on hand to bring you all the action directly through your browser.

    To complement these provisions, Unibet also boasts a range of static and seasonal promotions, which means punters can pad their bankroll without too much risk. Putting all this together it becomes clear that Unibet Sports is a great place to wager money if you're looking make the most informed bets with the lowest risk possible.

    Unibet's Highlights

    • One of the largest online bookmakers in Australia.
    • Largest and most impressive live streaming sports service in Oz.
    • A comprehensive range of bonuses, including: enhanced odds, cash back and no lose offers.
    • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
    • Live betting provisions.

        To become a Unibet punter and enjoy the most entertaining online betting experience possible, follow our dedicated download link and create your first account today.