Kansas City +1

Last memories of Kansas City were of the absolute hiding they copped at the hands of the Steelers. Well Andy Reid is a coach I like coming off a bye. They’ve had ample time to game plan for the Raiders with coach Reid 15-2 h2h and 12-5 against the line in these such positions. He’s also 5-1 against the Raiders.

Oakland has been lucky in recent weeks, pulling games out late, which is to commended. However, Kansas City’s motivation in this spot should be enough overcome this upstart Raiders outfit in this divisional match up.
Chiefs -1 - 1pt @ 1.87

Green Bay -2 1st Half

The media has slammed Green Bay in recent weeks. Having one of the league’s best quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers garners a heavy level of scrutiny. But they’ve been winning.

I like Green Bay’s run defence, holding teams to under 43 yards rushing per game. The Dallas offence is heavily based on the run game. Green Bay has been money in the first half at home.

I’m liking Green Bay to stifle the run game of Dallas early, allowing them to pull away by the half way mark before the game of catch up begins.
Packers -2 - 1pt @ 1.90

Houston -3

Houston in general has been an extremely underwhelming team. But you know what, Indianapolis is even worse. Houston has been a good home team, with or without JJ Watt. They’re the team who beats up on teams they’re expected to beat, but can’t lift against the superior teams in the competition.

Hoyer, Howard and Meredith dominated the Colts on the gridiron against the Bears last week. Those three ran rings around the Colts defence and to be honest, they are absolute nuffies when it comes to comparing them against others in the competition. Give me Brock Osweiler, Hopkins, Fuller and Miller coming against a banged up Colts defence any day.
Texans -3 - 1pt @ 2.02