Group F - Austria

Top Goalscorer: Marc Janko $3

Bestbet: +5 Points in the Group $2.25

We all know about Mark Janko after his time with Sydney FC, the big man is Austria’s main threat, well worth backing to be their top scorer at $3, especially as he was their leading scorer in qualification with seven goals. Austria have a few quality players including Janko, Arnatutovic, Alaba, Fucks and Harnik. They’ve got enough to account for Iceland and Hungary, therefore a good bet to get over 5 points.
Marc Janko - 1pt @ 3.00
Over 5 points - 1pt @ 2.25

Group F - Iceland

Top Scorer: Gylfi Sigurdsson $5

Bestbet: $2.8 to finish third

Their main man is the Swansea midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson, the gun bagged six goals in qualifying, the next best was three. At $5 he looks a steal to be top Iceland goal scorer. Other than Sigurdsson they lack superstars, but should still beat Hungary to claim third spot.
Gylfi Sigurdsson - 1pt @ 5.00
To finish third - 1pt @ 2.8

Group F - Hungary

Top Scorer: Tamas Priskin $8

Best bet: $1.62 not to qualify

The problem with Hungary is that they might not score, no player scored over two goals in qualification, which makes the top scorer a bit of a lottery. Tamas Priskin has premiership experience and scored two from eight games in the qualifies, he looks good value at $8. Hungary loved a yellow card in qualifiation, worth a bet over card points in their games.
Tamas Priskin - 1pt @ 8.00
Not to Qualify from group - 1pt @ 1.62

Group F - Portugal

Top Scorer: Ronaldo $1.53

Best bet: Elimiated in the Quarter Final $3.75

Portugal are more than a one man team, but to go the distance this year they need Ronaldo to stand out. They should cruise through the group stages, then they’ll face Italy or Belgium in the next round, but will be knocked out in the quarters by England.
Cristiano Ronaldo - 1pt @ 1.62
Quarter Final - 1pt @ 3.75

Group E - Belgium

Top Scorer: Hazard $6

Best bet: Eliminated Semi-Final $5.5

The crunch game for Belgium will come against Italy, they need to finish top of the group to get a decent run to the Semi-Final, where they will most likely play Germany. They’ve got one of the best squads in the competition, and attacking options will be the difference between them and Italy. Hazard came into form at the back-end of the season, he was joint top scorer in qualifying, well worth backing at $6.
Eden Hazard - 1pt @ 6.00
Eliminated Semi-Final - 1pt @ 5.5

Group E - Italy

Top Scorer: Eder $6

Best bet: Finish second in the group $2.88

Italy lack striking options, they’re also missing a few superstars in midfield but they still have one of the best defences in the competition. They’ll play defensive football, which will get them out the group but might see a few draws on the way. Eder is a better player than Pelle, he scored two from five in qualification, they won’t score many so he’s a chance.
Eder - 1pt @ 6.00
Finish Second in the Group - 1pt @ 2.88

Group E - Ireland

Top Scorer: Long $4.5

Best bet: 3-4 points $2.38

Ireland are capable of springing a surprise against the bigger teams, especially with the pace of Shane Long up front. They’ll play counter attacking football, therefore could be a bet to get a result against a defensive Italy. Shane Long will cause defences problems, well worth backing to be top scorer at $4.5
Shane Long - 1pt @ 4.5
3-4 Points - 1pt @ 2.38

Group E - Sweden

Top Scorer: Zlatan Imbrahimovic $1.5

Best bet: Finish bottom $2.68

Sweden are a one man team, even Zlatan will tell you that. They’re lucky to have such a star but given the quality of the rest of their squad they’re overpriced to finish bottom of the group.

Zlatan Imbrahimovic - 1pt @ 1.5
To Finish Bottom - 1pt @ 2.63

Group D - Croatia

Top Scorer: Ivan Perisic $6

Best bet: Elminated last 16 $2.5

Croatia are many punters underdogs for the competition, but the draw has been pretty cruel. They’ll most likely finish second in the group to Spain, which will see them run into Germany, Belgium or France. Stars including Lovern, Srna, Rakitic, Modric, Perisic and Mandzukic will get them out the group. Mandzukic isn’t a goal scorer, he’s massivley over priced, Perisic scored six in qualifying, he’s huge overs.
Ivan Perisic - 1pt @ 6.00
Eliminated Last 16 - 1pt @ 2.5

Group D - Czech Republic

Top Scorer: Borek Dockal $8

Best bet: Under three points $2.2

Czech Republic are a very ordinary team, even though they topped a group which containted both Turkey and Holland, I don’t think they’ll do much in the competition. Dockal scored four goals from midfield during qualification, looks a good punt at $8.
Borek Dockal - 1pt @ 8.00
Under three points - 1pt @ 2.2

Group D - Spain

Top Scorer: Alvaro Morata $3.5

Bestbet: Spain/Morata $57

Spain haven’t been mentioned much this year which is surprising given the players in the squad and the ones they’ve left out. Spain won the U17 Euro’s in 2011 with Morata top-scorer, they then won the U21’s Euros with Morata top-scorer, well worth back the double again at $57.
Alvaro Morata - 1pt @ 3.5
Spain/Morata - 1pt @ 57.00

Group D - Turkey

Top Scorer: Burak Yilmaz $4

Best bet: Under 3 points $2.5

Turkey won’t beat Spain or Croatia, and the clash against Czech will be a close one, can’t see how they’ll get over three points. Even though they might beat Czech, they’re worth backing the get under three points this year. Yilmaz was the stand out player in qualification, good price to be top scorer at $4.
Burak Yilmaz - 1pt @ 4.00
Under 3 points - 1pt @ 2.5

Group C - Germany

Top Scorer: Thomas Muller $2.37

Best bet: Highest scoring team $4.2

Germany have been given a relatively easy group to negotiate, they’ll win easily against Ukraine and Northern Ireland, their only test will be Poland. Thomas Muller is a gun, the formation they play will allow him to do whatever he wants, he’s not too pleasing on the eye, but loves playing on the big stage.
Thomas Muller - 1pt @ 2.37
Highest Scoring Team - 1pt @ 4.2

Group C - Northern Ireland

Top Scorer: Jonny Evans $21

Best bet: Eliminated in the Group $1.36

Yes, I’ve tipped a defender to be their top scorer, they’ll only score one or two goals in the competition and set pieces look their main threat. They’ve got players with good delivery, and the ex-Manchester United defender will have a few chances.
Jonny Evans - 1pt @ 21.00
Eliminated at Group Stage - 1pt @ 1.36

Group C - Poland

Top Scorer: Robert Lewandowski $1.67

Best bet: Reach the Quarter-Final $2.95

Poland have good a decent squad, headed by their talisman Lewandowski. The draw has been kind to them, they’ll get out the group and will most likely play Switzerland in the last 16, get on them to make the quarters.
Robert Lewandowski - 1pt @ 1.67
To Reach Quarter Final - 1pt @ 2.75

Group C - Ukraine

Top Scorer: Andriy Yarmolenko $3.25

Best bet: Finish Third $2.75

$2.75 looks a good price for Ukraine to finish third given the group and squad, they’ll beat Northern Ireland but will struggle against the other two teams. Yarmolenko scored six in qualifying from midfield, which is three more than any other player.
Andriy Yarmolenko - 1pt @ 3.25
Finish Third in the Group - 1pt @ 2.75

Group B - England

Top Scorer: Wayne Rooney $5.5

Best bet: Reach Semi Final $2.75

Wayne Rooney gets criticised for England, but he’ll play every game and will take penalities. He’s rumoured to be playing in midfield which will suite him, with defenders focusing on Kane and co he might find more space. England have got a pretty easy draw, they’ll meet Italy most likely in the quarters.
Wayne Rooney - 1pt @ 5.5
To Reach Semi-Final - 1pt @ 2.75

Group B - Russia

Top Scorer: Artem Dzyuba $4

Best bet: Three points $6

Russia will beat Slovakia but will struggle against England, and I think Bale will be the difference when they take Wales. Dzyuba comes alive in the box, he scored 8 in qualification and looks huge overs to be their top-scorer.
Artem Dzyuba - 1pt @ 4.00
Three Points - 1pt @ 6.00

Group B - Slovakia

Top Scorer: Marek Hamsik $5.5

Best bet: Under three points $2.25

Slovakia look the worse team in this group, they might be able to scrape a draw but can’t see them taking all three points against anybody. Hamsik is their stand out player, he grabbed five from midfield in qualification.
Marek Hamsik - 1pt @ 5.5
Under Three Points - 1pt @ 2.25

Group B - Wales

Top Scorer: Gareth Bale $1.83

Best bet: Reach Quarter Finals $3.5

Gareth Bale is the main man, he looks very short to be top goal scorer but Wales severaly lack scoring options. That said, their defence plus Bale will see them finish second in the group and then take on Austria in the last 16, and they’re a chance there.
Gareth Bale - 1pt @ 1.83
Reach Quarter Final - 1pt @ 3.5

Group A - Albania

Top Scorer: Lorik Cana $41

Best bet: To finish bottom $1.73

Lorik Cana is a legend in Albania, he was the first Albanian to play in the premier league and has 90 caps. Even though he’s not a proven goalscorer, he’ll only need one to win Albania’s top scorer. Well worth backing their hero at $41.
Lorik Cana - 1pt @ 41.00
Finish Bottom - 1pt @ 1.73

Group A - France

Top Scorer: Oliver Grioud $4.5

Best bet: Eliminated in the Semi-Final $5

If France can keep the harmony they’re a real threat. They’ve got a great squad even with some amazing players missing. They’ll most likely reach Germany in the semi-final, $5 looks a good price for them to exit the comp then. Oliver Giroud will get plenty of chances, he’s worth backing for the overall comp.
Oliver Grioud - 1pt @ 4.5
Eliminated in the Semi-Final - 1pt @ 5.00

Group A - Romania

Top Scorer: Gabriel Torje $8.5

Best bet: Qualify $1.67

With the new rules it looks easier to qualify this year, with Albania in the group it’s well worth backing Romania to get into the last 16 at $1.67. Torje didn’t score in qualifying, but 10 goals in his 48 caps is a decent return, looks pretty good value.
Gabriel Torje - 1pt @ 8.5
Qualify - 1pt @ 1.67

Group A - Switzerland

Top Scorer: Hans Seferovic $7

Best bet: Over 4 points $2.38

Switzerland have a good overall squad without superstars, they’ve got enough to beat Albania and Romania, well worth backing for over four points at $2.38. Seferovic scored three goals in qualifying, the striker should get quite a few chances in the group stages.
Hans Seferovic - 1pt @ 7.00
Over Four Points - 1pt @ 2.38